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Pure O - A Grunge Story

Purity suffers from a variation of OCD called Pure-O. Pure-O is marked by distressing intrusive thoughts and mental images that violate one's own value/moral system. This can be anything. Examples of imagery include, unmotivated extreme violence, recurrent doubt over one's sexual orientation, or impulses revolving around blasphemous and sacrilegious themes.

This is not a complete list.

Pure O explores the fear, the isolation and misery that those with mental illness commonly experience. The societal stigma, the fear of honest disclosure to family and friends, we follow Purity’s journey from fear to self-acceptance and onward towards recovery.

It is our hope that this film will shed light on this obscure, but all to real disorder, as well as chip away at the stigma associated with all mental illnesses. End Stigma.

For more information about this film, please shoot us an email at

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